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I. When does the new benefit take effect?

II. Am I eligible for the new benefit?

Veterans of Active Duty Service
Going to School While Still on Active Duty?
National Guard/Reserve
Medically Discharged
VEAP-Eligible or Opted Out of MGIB
Officers (ROTC/Academy Grads)
Took Student Loan Repayment
Military Spouse/Dependents
III. What are the benefits of the different GI Bill programs?
Chapter 33 for Active Duty & Reserve Deployed
Tuition Payments
Yellow Ribbon Program
Living Allowance
Book Stipend
Chapter 1607 (REAP) for Reserve Deployed
Chapter 1606 ( for Reserve Never Deployed

Special Types of Education Programs
Graduate School
Distance Learning
Part Time Schooling (half time or less)
On-the-Job Training / Apprenticeship / Flight School

V. When do my education benefits expire?

VI. Can I transfer my education benefits to my spouse or dependent?

VII. How do I apply for my education benefits?

VIII. Other Frequently Asked Questions
Will this benefit repay student loans?
How will this benefit affect financial aid?
What happens to the $1,200 buy-in for Chapter 30 (MGIB)?
What happens to the $600 buy-up program for the College Fund?
How does this affect enlistment/reenlistment kickers and College Fund?
What benefits is a student studying overseas entitled to?
My home of record is one state and I want to attend school in another; how does that work?
What happens if I am less than honorably discharged?